Saturday, October 22, 2011


I believe that God knows when we
Need a friend to come into
become Our Rainbow in the storm of life!
This past year I have been Blessed
with a
Internet Friend,
We were originally paired together
in Aunt Pitty Pats
Sewing Accessories Swap...
Unfortunately & still to my embarrasement,
I was UNable to
fulfill my swap obligations!
But, Betty being the
Sweet person that she is..
understood & let me off the hook.
I was at a very desperate time in my life
& found it so Easy to confide in Betty!!
We are very Far apart in
miles..but I feel very close to her despite
those miles that seperate us!
We have since continued Our friendship
every once in awhile..
We send each other little
packages..just because!
Its Amazing that Betty's packages
always seem to arrive perfectly scheduled
remind me that I have a
Special friend
thinking of me:)

I just talked with Betty the other day & she mentioned
that her & her husband had
taken a little trip
to the border...

That little rascal failed to mention
she had put something in the mail
for me at the border...

Today I received a Halloween package!
So, Betty is quite the quilter
Guess what I got??
Not 1 but 2
Quilted Mug Rugs
a Pretty Fall card,
& Chocolate!
Not just Any chocolate...
My New addiction(thanks to Betty)
Canadian "Smarties"
Oh my!
They are Soooo yummy..
Kinda like M & M's but yummier:)
the Chocolate isn't as bitter as  M & M's.
I hope she knows she has Created
a Monster!
Here's a pic of my
Sweet Halloween gifts
Thank you Betty,
for Always keeping me in
Your thoughts & prayers!


  1. Sweet Laura,
    Sorry I missed this beautiful post, you're the best.
    My biggest concern is for you and your family's well being.
    It was my way of showing you, I think of you, I care.
    All the best.

  2. Nice saying..
    I like the theme you shared here..
    Your said lines are heart touching..

    Halloween Scavenger hunt

  3. Hard are you doing?
    Thinking of you.

  4. It's wonderful that you have such a supportive friend. We all need those! Hope things are looking up soon.
    Wanted to let you know your pincushion was mailed and is on it's way.