Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My Provider... 2006 SUV died on me!
Yep, the engine just went KerPlunk the other day.
I was Stranded on the side of the road
& my children were Stranded at school:(
I was Stressed, Worried, & Angry...
Once again..Gods Grace & Favor were Working in my Favor!!
 I Thank God for Protecting me(from buying a junker)
& Providing me with this little Jem!

I have the TITLE in my Hot little hands!
Woot Woot!!
Would you Believe this car is 15 years old??
It sure is..but it Looks like a New one:)
I'm so Excited & Proud..
I bought my New license plate yesterday,
it was $38.00!

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  1. To my special friend Laura.
    I'm so happy for you. We just need to keep praying for you.
    Today Heather and I went shopping at 3 quilt shop in Northern Minnesota. The drive around Lake Superior is so beautiful this time of the year, we missed the snow. lol.