Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Yarni Gras! Zombie Doll Swap..

I joined
Zombie Doll Swap..

It sounded like So much Fun,
I just couldn't resist!

Val partnered me with Jill because
we have very similar
Halloween decorating tastes:)
We don't do the
Scary, Gorey, Evil stuff!

This is a Peek into the box I received Yesterday...

I was So Excited to see my Zombie Doll!!
to my Delight
"Undead Fred"
pops his Cute, Brainless,
Head out to say Hello

Lots of other Goodies were nicely tucked in
with Undead Fred..
Black & Orange Crocheted washcloths!
Caramels(how did Jill know Caramel apples are my Fave??!!)
Halloween Crochet Pumpkin Pattern
Recipes for Pumpkin Dip & Pumpkin Bread(can't wait to try the dip!)
3 Halloween/Polkadot!!  Note Pads
1 Candy Corn Notebook

Here is a Close up of
Undead Fred..
I think he is just Too Cute!
I Love the creativity Jill used
Creating him:)
His "Will work for Brains"
cracks me Up!
& Jill even made a little pocket
on the back of his shirt
to hold the sign.
You can't see them
very well in the photo
Undead Fred has many
Cuts & Scrapes Too..
Poor Fred :(

Thank You, Jill
for bringing
Undead Fred into my life..
My Swap package
was just perfect!

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  1. oh isn't he too cute! I love that his brain is on a stick!!!!! hahaha!