Monday, August 15, 2011

New Beginnings!

 Ya know, sometimes you just need a
                New Beginning!

New Home,
New Hopes & Dreams,
New Goals,
New Job,
New School Year,
New Blog ;)

So here it is, my New blog... One of many new beginnings in my

The past few years of my life have been Quite the
Roller coaster ride! & guess what..
I DON'T like Roller coasters!
I'm Praying & Believing for a smoother ride...
maybe the "Fun slide" with Gentle ups & downs..Yea, that sounds
Why Polkadots, Pineapples, & Prayers??
Well..Polkadots..Just because I Love them!
Pineapples..because I asked God recently to
show me a sign that Everything was gonna
be all right..and when
we moved into this house, I found a metal luminaire
with a cutout shape of a pineapple..under one of
the steps leading down to the dock!
Prayer..because I have said many, many, many in recent
& because through prayer, I now enjoy a closer relationship
with JC!

I know we were Never promised a smooth ride in this life,
but I sure am Ready to put all these Trials & Tribulations behind
& Start living the Blessed life, He Has promised me :)


  1. I love your new blog, and it's so nice to see your children. I wish i knew how to setup my blog like yours.
    Welcome back, I missed you.
    Your new Canadian Friend.
    BettyAnn aka Betty.

  2. I love this new blog too.....I pray this coming year offers you a much smoother ride.

  3. Great post! Here's wishing you some gentle ups and downs and days filled with good things!