Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Go Dawgs!

It's Football season again
although my 15 year old DD needs no Excuse
to throw a Party...she asked to have
a football party.
I guess she gets that from her Mama;)
I would have people over every weekend if possible!
I Love to Decorate & Cook for parties...trying out new Yummy recipes,
some of them become favorites & some become..don't do that again! Lol

It wasn't a Huge Party
but it was a Fun get-together
for my daughters friends.
My Mom & I
fixed teen friendly food...
Hotdogs, Spicy Buffalo Chicken dip,
Chips, Cupcakes(daughter & friend decorated)
Popcorn, and various goodies!

Of course Nobody was Allowed in
unless they had their GA shirts on:)

Alittle swimming before game time!

Good Friends..Good Times!
I hope they all realize that these years
will become some of their
most Memorable times!
Have Fun & Enjoy Life!!!

P.S.  I Love our Home being the place where everyone wants to hang out at :)

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